Creative people, that’s my favorite kinds of people and specially when they don’t have limits and they throw themselves in any kind of creative works from the art to the music to the fashion design, performances and more…I think it is the dream of every artistic person to be able to put the personal ideas out in many different kinds of ways, to be able to manage them and in the same moment continue being themselves without getting scared and eaten up by the “money monster”.

And here we come to the point that there is not many out there who succeed in doing what I was talking about before. Bas Kosters is one of the ones who did it and it is doing it, that creative thing what I was talking about before.

The Dutch fashion designer Bas Kosters is famous for his individuality and unique aesthetics in fashion, music and performance. Bas combines his work in the field of fashion with collaborations with premium brands, as well as other activities concerning design, arts and music. The Dutch fashion icon highly appreciates history and continuity. A sense of nostalgia is often present in his work. He Uses his own childhood memories and images to inspire his work. Like an artist, his work evolves throughout the creative process, rather than creating isolated pieces, he is creating a universe of his own ideas. 

Often his work is provocative, with strong statements commenting on fashion and society.

His fashion shows are always like parties, music and performance and unexpected things happen during the shows and surprise the guests.

His a/w 12-13 collection is called 1 2 Tree and is inspired by the balance between the hectic city life and the peaceful and quietness of nature.

And this is one of his illustrations taken from his blog. By the way, you can buy this leggings called “Is that a cock or your leg?”.

In 2005, Bas Kosters founded ‘Bas Kosters Studio’ in which he incorporated all artistic activities under one company name. It houses his activities concerning fashion, paintings, illustrations, music, installations and performances. 

Situated in the World Fashion Center Amsterdam, the studio is filled with his collection of dolls, inspirational materials and a series of works that he made. This is Bas Kosters’s world, a place with colors, history and ideas intertwined.

Go on his website to see the hundreds of millions of other things what he did and what he is doing don’t miss to pass by his online store.