Cut up techniques are really popular at the moment in the fashion photography world. Inspired by the way Surrealists were doing in texts and paintings, here images are cut in a particular part and then re-arranged either within the same or in some other image.

A very nice, and basically my favorite example are the images of the lookbook of the THIRD MIND collection by the jewelry artists MANIAMANIA. (the whole collection is inspired by this creative way of composing art work)

There are beautiful videos going with these images, here is one of them. Photos and video by Elle Muliarchyk with Abbey Lee Kershaw.

And just this morning I found these images on the blog of Zanita (you should check her out, she has a great blog about style and her beautiful photography). The images show the new s/s 12-13 collection of ELLERY.

images via MANIAMANIA and the blog of ZANITA