In Japan today with “ANREALAGE“, the fashion brand of Tokio’s fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga. In her F/W collection 12/13, the models run over the catwalk wearing space helmets, ready to travel through time, fast…too fast to keep colors and patterns together. Smeared colors, multi-layered endings and beginnings. The garments almost grow into each others…fast movements through time…

It’s spelled “Anrealage” but means “A Real” or “Unreal” “Age”.

images via here

It reminds me a lot the s/s 12 collection of Antoine Peters, a dutch designer from Amsterdam. I wrote about it some time ago. “Get dizzy” was the name of the collection and it had the same concept…fast travelling through time…maybe too fast…I’m asking myself many times, are we going to fast lately, missing important basics?…Loosing ourselfs hurrying around…!!!

Ok…convinced… I will go on the beach now…to spend some “Important Basic Time :)”