Sailors, anchors,  pin-up girls, sailing boats, skulls, roses and crosses, mermaids and more used to be the old school of tattoos. Christian Audiger brought them back on fabric (Ed Hardy) a few years ago and Ellen Greene paints them on vintage gloves. 

Inspiration and work of a redhead artist obsessed with art,tattoos, vintage gloves, freaks, vintage carni strippers, belly dancers and other miscellaneous quirky ephemera..(her words)

Ellen Greene’s work explores the contrast between two opposing traditions; white gloves have long been known as an article of women’s clothing, while the art of tattooing has been regarded as traditionally male pursuit. White gloves evoke a sense of purity and of formality, while the art of tattooing may suggest carnal sexuality and rebellion. The tension between the two helps define Greene’s personal aesthetic, as well as her original tattoo-inspired designs which adorn these vintage gloves.

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