lili-gabbiano-and-her-tank-topThe first item I would like to present from my Pop-up store is the Lili Gabbiano tank top featuring my logo, the seagull.

The item is handmade which means: cutting, sewing, printing, painting has been done all by myself. The cotton is an ecofriendly material with GOTS certificate.

Available at the moment are 20 pieces in unisex size.

Breezy for the hot summer days the tank top gives space to leave the wind to pass through. The seagull is there to bring you closer to the sea, beach and coastline. It is a summer item that can be worn on the beach or in town with a clean cut and open ends.

t-shirt 3 t-shirt 4 t-shirt 2 t-shirt 1



TO-MUCH-FURI really don’t understand how come, that in the time we are living and we all know where fur comes from, so many designers are using it. It looks like it became some kind of trend to put it in the collection.

I have told to myself at the beginning of Fashion week for Fall 2015 to think tolerant, but this is really too much. PLEASE, FIND OTHER MATERIALS!!!!!!


thewonderfuleveryday-ikea-0This is a beautiful MUST SEE!

IKEA has released its first TV ad of the year on the topic: storage. Directed and produced by Blink Productions and Dougal Wilson. The beautiful spot shows T-shirts, as migratory birds that fly from distant lands to an IKEA wardrobe in the city. A campaign called “The Wonderful Everyday” with music by Thomas Bergersen & Nick Phoenix – “strength of a kingdom.”