TO-MUCH-FURI really don’t understand how come, that in the time we are living and we all know where fur comes from, so many designers are using it. It looks like it became some kind of trend to put it in the collection.

I have told to myself at the beginning of Fashion week for Fall 2015 to think tolerant, but this is really too much. PLEASE, FIND OTHER MATERIALS!!!!!!


GAR_1053We are in London for the fall 2015 RTW, and Gareth Pugh shows us very strong and powerful that he is back in England. The idea for his dramatic collection is “the idea of sacrificing yourself to something bigger than you are.” An optimistic collection as he says, it is a “part of something meaningful, being part of the game.”

The game? Yes, the game. He is talking about football. Remember the red cross painted faces when England plays. The girls are looking definitely as they are going into a war.

This reminds me of THE FOOTBALL FACTORY with Danny Dyer.

GAR_0493 GAR_0512 GAR_0569 GAR_0590 GAR_0621 GAR_0643 GAR_0704 GAR_0789 GAR_0855 GAR_0902 GAR_0954 GAR_0984 GAR_1026images via STYLE.COM