It is happening now: I am living a dream on Erikousa. The small Greek (Diapondian) island is hosting my pop-up store with the name: Lili Gabbiano pop up stories in paradise.

After collecting beautiful drift woods for some days on the beaches, assembling the structures and installations for my items I happily opened the store a few days ago.  Now I am showing and presenting different handmade items and collections. All of them I will present individually in the upcoming blog posts. I will be open for 21 days exhibiting my items and enjoying every moment in this paradise.

A big “THANKS” goes to Giorgios Katehis from the Erikousa Hotel who enthusiastically supported me from the first moment he heard about my project. Thanks to him all this was possible, he gave me the space and fixed all the problems I faced, always with a smile.

THANK YOU GIORGIOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, If you have time to pass by, live on the island or plan to come here, I will be open until August 18th every day from 19.00-21.30. The rest of the time you can find me on the beach sunbathing, paddle boarding, photographing or creating small beach items.

Stay up to date and pop in from time to time to see what’s happening here.

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Greetings from Erikousa

Lili Gabbiano

shop-signseagull tank topsside-view-with-cocktail-signs-and-beach-people-racketimage-of-the-shopbird-rackethandpainted-shell-necklaceswooden snake-in front of the wheel