My object of the month: Louise Hibbert and her beautiful bug inspired pendants.

The bodies are made from sycamore – turned and carved or pyrographed before being airbrushed with acrylic inks. The dotted ones are textured with acrylic resin. The copper is often textured with a subtle hammered pattern and heat treated to achieve the rich dappled colours. Some also have reclaimed 18ct gold eyes.

You can order the pendants hereĀ 

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ARTSHOES.GR This is the best item you can bring back this year from your holidays. Of course only if you spend them in Greece. Where else anyway you wanted to go this summer?

I can imagine all the tourists coming back from their beautiful holidays with those shoes on their feet. The Australian friends, as well as the ones from the USA, Germany, Sweden, Holland….bla bla bla….will be very jealous on your new item.

It will always be Greece, the place to be…summer time, hot beach days, white houses, blue sea, the cat in front of your door, the fishing net in the port, voukamvilia flower, the sunsets, full moons…..YEAHHHHHHHHHH…and now you can bring back your personal postcard memory from your holidays on your feet…..

voukamvilia14 VOUKAMVILIA-basil-2 -cat -kyklades -net -sounio -stones-2 -pithari zakinthos4 14 NAVAGIOimages via