beachpeople1-640x629I never saw a round beach towel, even that I spend more time on the beach than anywhere else. Coming straight form Australia, the Roundie, a cotton fringed towel printed with bold graphics is an absolute must have. The Beach People created their brand in 2013 with this towel and since then came up with a fantastic variation of prints to decorate our favorite place: LIFE IS ALL “A-ROUND” THE BEACH. (images via honestly wtf)beachpeople2-640x635 beachpeople5-640x637 beachpeople8-640x630 beachpeople9-640x628 beachpeople11-640x627 beachpeople12-640x640 beachpeople13-640x640 beachpeople15-640x625 beachpeople17-640x853 beachpeople18-640x628 beachpeople191-640x931


WAH_Vice01-640x428Summer is here…I am in Greece at the moment, dreaming about wearing this pineapple bikini below. We are Handsome is one of my favorite swim wear brand and as usual never disappointing with their new collections. Nobody beats the Australians when it comes to swim and board shorts collections.

Great images also with a golden retro touch and very creative umbrellas.

WAH_Vice05-640x959 WAH_Vice07-640x428 WAH_Vice09-640x959 WAH_Vice10-640x428 WAH_Vice11-640x959