Claudia-Rogge-Rapport-220705-2005-fullIf you are going on Claudia Rogge‘s website most probably you will be more interested in her recent work. I love it but I got absolutely stuck at her past one. “RAPPORT“, I think shot in 2004 and 2005, clones and duplicates. The relation of the individual to the mass and the individualism in ratio to the mass society is her main topic.¬†She loves shooting people, in the past, now and probably also in the future.

Claudia-Rogge-Rapport-110105- 2005-full Claudia-Rogge-Rapport-270705-2005-full Claudia-Rogge-Rapport-291104-2004-full Claudia-Rogge-Rapport-300105-2005-full Claudia-Rogge-Rapport-060205-2005-full Claudia-Rogge-Rapport-090505-2005-full Claudia-Rogge-Rapport-180305-2005-full


Just to give you a little glims on what she is working now: LOST IN PARADISE. (see more here)

Claudia-Rogge-Lost-in-Paradise-Paradise-Lost_I Claudia-Rogge-Lost-in-Paradise-Paradise-Lost_III