Its time for another photographer. Today we are going very colorful with an amazing girl from Indonesia.

Nicoline Patricia Malina was born in Surabaya (Indonesia), studied Fine Art in Utrecht (Holland), and currently shooting in Jakarta (Indonesia). Her photographic aesthetic is distinctive; rich colors and impeccable sense of details dominate the scene, combined with raw and cinematic black and white. From natural landscape to a tiny hotel rooms, she makes them all appear as if they are sets which have been specifically constructed for the shoot taking place.

If you go on her website you will find plenty of photosets made for famous magazines. It was difficult to choose the one I want to put on my post as they are all amazing. Then I decided to go for a place I always wanted to visit and watching the images taken by Nicoline made me wish even more to visit HARAJUKU,  the wonderful colored fashion district of Tokio, Japan. HARAJUKU-ERS for Harpers Bazaar.

images via here