dotwork-line-geometric-tattoo-bicem-sinik-10Simple lines and dots shaped to create minimal forms and placed under the skin. Bicem Sinik is a young Turkeys female that uses this technique to decorate people under their skin.

It became a trend lately to tattoo discreetly, in spite of their potential short life as healing and time would make them less visible.  (via bored panda)

dotwork-line-geometric-tattoo-bicem-sinik-2 dotwork-line-geometric-tattoo-bicem-sinik-3 dotwork-line-geometric-tattoo-bicem-sinik-4 dotwork-line-geometric-tattoo-bicem-sinik-15 dotwork-line-geometric-tattoo-bicem-sinik-21 dotwork-line-geometric-tattoo-bicem-sinik-23 dotwork-line-geometric-tattoo-bicem-sinik-24