It was Berlin’s fashion week which attracted the people in the fashion the last passing days. Berlin, always a town of surprises and the best place to find some new upcoming designers. The duo, I’m talking about today is not new and unknown anymore. Since a few years they create clothing and accessories that enclose the most fantastic stories.

LEITMOTIV by Fabio Sasso and Juan Caro,two Italian designers living in Bologna. Fabio in the part of the baroque tailor and Juan in the part of the precisely gothic artist, that’s roles they play in their daily lives as fashion designers leaving behind a soft and colorful melody whenever they come out of their musicbox.

This time I saw them in Berlin presenting the new s/s collection for 2013. The collection travels with the BEAT GENERATION, inspired by the book THE ROAD by Jack Kerouac, a story about crossing the country on Route 66, passing beautiful landscapes between dream and reality. Ready to go to the beach or hang out on one of the quiet pools at some Motel. There is no destination and no goal only to explore and go towards the ideal travel…to go towards “DREAM DAY”.

It was basically a man fashion show, but they gave us a little glims in the next s/s woman fashion as well and I picked most of them out for you.

Trends and upcoming trends:Turban, 50’s, american look, american dream, a tiny bit of camouflage, …prints,prints,prints…funny looking sunglasses…

images via here, see there the full fashion show images…Greetings to Bologna (Italy) and Fabio and Juan…:)