“Faster, Higher, Stronger” or “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (latin) is the motto of every Olympic games and the five rings in the different colors represent the 5 parts of the world involved in the Olympics.

I don’t watch a lot of television and I don’t really follow sports online but I know what I will miss by not seeing those things. The attitude, the elegance, the moves of every athlete doing his performance. So much used on the moves…so elegant…like dancers…it would give up an amazing choreography using small parts of different athletic sport moves and combining it with a great song. (I don’t know if you are able to picture this but I’m sure it would look amazing)

To leave the sport aside for a moment, even if it is the Olympics I’m talking about. What do you think about the Olympic collections and outfits designers and trendsetter start to bring out. After Cruising collection, pre-spring – pre-fall collections, resort collections finally the fashion moves away from the pressure of concentrating only two times a year of presenting. It starts to be more fun and easy, new ideas grow faster and the way of move is more spontaneous and less serious…with the motto: For every event something to wear.

Here a 70’s style inspiration created by for the Olympics (red, blue and white…just as the British flag…love the bag)