Inspired by goddesses, female characters from the mythology and hero cartoons, the new upcoming young Danish designer Anne Sofie Madsen combines traditional handicraft methods with the elegance and fragility of a modern ballerina.

Her models wear big boots or tiny socks, ready to run and walk backwards during fashion shows. They seem steady… on earth. In an interview she says about her muse and model Freya Beha Erichson: “She must have the dress for a good party with flat shoes so she can dance all night”.

She gives absolutely freedom to her collections, uniting silk with strong leather and uses fabrics or materials meant for other purposes.

Images from her graduate collection from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design 2010:

Images from her first collection as an independent designer                                              the current spring/summer collection 2012:

Images from her 2. collection for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2012/13

I’m fascinated by her not only as a designer but also by an other talent she has. But for that you need to wait until tomorrow when i’m gonna write about her as an illustrator.