It is difficult to find a good full look collection where every piece has its character. I saw this great collection just a few days ago for the first time but I fell in love at the first side. Every item is unique and strong, so powerful and easy to combine with any other item in the collection, even if there is this radical change of patterns. Simply amazing artists at work.

Ostwald Helgason is a new upcoming label launched in 2008 by Susanne Ostwald (Leipzig, Germany) and Ingvar Helgason (Reykjavik, Iceland) based in London.

A great amount of details, colors, stripes and patterns come together and create an unexpected shape, combined with a soft silhouette the label gives a sexy, confident and adventurous look.

“The Ostwald Helgason girl is always on some kind of expedition into the unknown! She is definitely fearless, fun and curious about the world around her.”

Lookbook resort collection s/s 2013:

Photographer – Magnus Unnar
Model – Jade @ Models1 
Stylist – Catherine Newell-Hanson
Make-up – Thom Ticklemouse and blog
Hair – Oliver de Almeida Waqued

This is just a little part of their collection. To see the full one, go here and read more on their facebook page here