The first thing coming in my mind when I saw the unique geometric creations of Architect and accessory designer Anastasiya Komarova was: touching……. I would like to touch them, feel the strong pattern with my fingers.

Forms, the label created by the designer in 2010 is a wide range of vintage/futuristic design of leather clutches, neckpieces and armlets.

 ”I have never aimed to reflect any particular architecture developed or created by myself or other architects. I am just trying to reflect some fundamental things that architecture is based on. I really admire the laconic manner and unique aesthetics of some buildings and this is what I try to achieve in my accessories. It’s true that there are plenty of buildings around the world that inspires me a lot.”

Anastasiya-Komarova-forms-yatzer-7 Anastasiya-Komarova-forms-yatzer-8 Anastasiya-Komarova-forms-yatzer-1 Anastasiya-Komarova-forms-yatzer-4 Anastasiya-Komarova-forms-yatzer-10 Anastasiya-Komarova-forms-yatzer-15 Anastasiya-Komarova-forms-yatzer-6 Anastasiya-Komarova-forms-yatzer-9 Anastasiya-Komarova-forms-yatzer-12 Anastasiya-Komarova-forms-yatzer-16If you are interested in one of the items, send an e-mail to the designer

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