Maria Jennifer Carew : “Today accessories are a key element in any outfit, so I decided to focus on the concept of necklace where often the most important role is played by the pendant and not by the chain that supports it.” (she says to DEZEEN)

The Italian designer creates 3D printed jewelry out of a continuous strand of material, which loops back on itself into a thin element that hooks behind a lip of fabric. Circles, squares, triangles, polygones  and more…

Clip them on tops, t-shirts, jackets, chest pockets. They look like little reminders and holders of some important staff.

LessIs-3D-printed-jewellery-by-Maria-Jennifer-Carew-clips-onto-garments_dezeen_5 LessIs-3D-printed-jewellery-by-Maria-Jennifer-Carew-clips-onto-garments_dezeen_6 LessIs-3D-printed-jewellery-by-Maria-Jennifer-Carew-clips-onto-garments_dezeen_2 LessIs-3D-printed-jewellery-by-Maria-Jennifer-Carew-clips-onto-garments_dezeen_10 LessIs-3D-printed-jewellery-by-Maria-Jennifer-Carew-clips-onto-garments_dezeen_4images via DEZEEN