I don’t know how you gonna feel after watching this post, I can just tell you that it worked, the thing about “getting dizzy”. Antoine Peters made it happen, confusing people and making them love his collections. His recent s/s collection 12  “Get dizzy” has it all, humor, movement, pop culture and a great injection of fantasy.

The collection is inspired by the fast spinning world which makes us dizzy and in the same time offers us many opportunities and possibilities…(read interview with Dazed Digital)

Antoine Peters is a Dutch fashion designer based in Amsterdam.

There is a DIZZY video which goes with the collection…don’t miss watching it…sooooo dizzzzzzyyyyyyyyyy…..

Go on his website, there are all his previous collections which you should not miss seeing, for ex. “Fat people are harder to kidnap”.

And that’s him, Antoine Peters. Great humor…this guy…:-)

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