I have been on holidays…one week in the Dolomites, (Italian Alps). If you ever plan to make holidays in the mountains I highly recommend this place. Hiking or mountain biking…the trails are marked perfectly…skiing or snowboarding…there the kids start when they are 2. It’s cold there in the winters, and sometimes snows during the summers. But it can be also very hot. Many lakes you can find…refresh yourself after a nice walk…

They speak an Austrian dialect there, but they are Italian nationals…a big history lies behind them…traditions are kept alive…and traditional clothes are worn by waiters in restaurants and hotel employees to give a traditional feeling to the guests.

The Dolomites are part of the UNESCO natural world heritage list. One of the most visited mountains are the “DREI ZINNEN” (ital. Tre Cime di Lavaredo). And here they are…on the image behind me…

I’m back now on my beautiful island admiring the sea and as always when you send a postcard, it arrives at its destination when you are back home…The same with this postcard…to all of you:


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