How do we see ourselves?

You might see things I don’t see.

I might see things you don’t see.

What is real and what is not.

And what is reality, anyway?


Yesterday I read this little story written by Paulo Coelho. Its about a man who tried to find himself in his women. (Couldn’t stop thinking about this little story)

“Two fire fighters walk in a forest in order to extinguish a small fire. As they come back out to the edge of a stream, the face of one is covered in soot, and the face of the other is absolutely spotless.
I ask you: Which of the two will wash his face?”
“That’s a silly question. Of course the one, whose face is full of soot.”
“Wrong: The one, whose face is full of soot will look at the others and will think that his face looks exactly like the others. The one with the clean face will see that his comrades face is full of soot and will say to himself: I have to wash my face.”
Paolo Coelho (The Zahir)


I translated the text, most probably there are some mistakes 🙂

By the way, the zebra on the image really exists. Her name is Zoe, she lives in Hawaii and she is the only captive golden Zebra in the world. Image via here.