I found something really special this weekend and I think that this would be a good start for this new week. A beautiful united work: music, fashion, movement, design and much more meets and shows a very special piece of Art.

Moving lookbooks, that’s the way now…

Hyper Trophies Moving still portrait sculptures.

A collaboration, Zeitguised with Berlin fashion label Franzius and ProdCo Stink Berlin.
Premiere at the Stink Temporary Gallery during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012.
1080p portrait screen exhibit: endless loop
Direction, Design, Concept, CG: ZEITGUISED
Sound design by Franz Kirmann.
Models: Medea Paffenholz and Kristin Keil wearing Franzius Winter Collection 2012/13
Styling: Franzius
Hair and Makeup: Ewa | nude agency
Exec Producer: Christian “Brox” Brochot
Grading: Das Kombinat

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