In her graduation work “Hypno Insanity” Joelle Boers, a young dutch textile designer shows her vision of what the world does to the beautiful sea life and those magnificent birds that are infected and terminated: “Because of us, not caring enough what is happening with the environment.”

It is a digital silk printed collection mixed with hand crafted objects, inspired by the seabirds in the ‘plastic soup’ area’s in the pacific ocean.

The images are shot by herself. “Waste”… photographed, cut and then reunited to beautiful  new “cut-up” images.

Me, personally, I’m in love with animals and nature and look what I found on the facebook page of Joelle: T-shirts with cool animal prints. The facebook page was just opened, you can like it here.

images via (facebook of Joelle Boers) t-shirts are available by contacting the designer, more images via here