If you are looking for the country with the best leggings designers in the world you must head north of Europe in the small country of LATVIA. Some time ago I wrote about QOOQOO, a brand who creates beautiful graphic designs and puts them on various garments, from leggings to dresses and swimming suits.

Today I will talk about an other label called ZIB textile. Two young ladies are behind this, Inga Priedite and Irena Andrejev, two textile artists.

In september 2011 we started to collaborate to produce reflective knittings, handmade reflectors and one-of-a-kind, hand-dyed and silks screen printed limited edition women’s pieces: leggings, tops, dresses, maxi skirts and accessories.

As you can see I love their leggings, but that’s not the only thing they do…here is a small little taste of their hand printed chiffon tops.

To see all their items pass by the etsy shop of ZIB and get updates by following them on their facebook page.