black-and-white-with-racketta-big-image-WEBThe second item I would like to present to you from my Pop-up store are my hand painted beach rackets.

You can play with the racket on the beach or hang it in your room for decoration. It is a simple beach item with a very special touch of individuality.

The rackets are made from plywood for the sea. They are light and can be handled from kids and adults. I used plastic paint and coded them twice with yacht varnish.

Each racket is unique in design and has been painted by me in a time frame of 3 years. In my pop-up store I exhibit 10 rackets, all the others are already on the beach happily shooting the ball from the right to the left, and left to the right….pop…..pop…..pop….pop….

And here are all the rackets from the front and back side:

beach-people-for-the-web bird-fish-and-the-reader birds-for-web we-are-all-blue-and-white bubbles-for-web father-and-son-for-web girl-and-soccer-boy-for-web hairy-friends-for-web krokodus-family-for-web singing-the-sunny-blues-webso, ……C’MON LETS PLAY