20 illustrations of fashion and culture icons impersonated into Mickey Mouse’s. New York-based designer Christopher Lee Sauvé‘s Mad Maus series are “punking” up t-shirts and pillows.

MM_JEFFREY_GAUNT_PIAGGI10 MM_JEFFREY_GAUNT_REI11… and here are some of the prints. Guess who it is and in case you didn’t find out read the name written around the image.Christopher-Lee-Sauve19-600x600 Christopher-Lee-Sauve14-600x599 Christopher-Lee-Sauve13-600x600 Christopher-Lee-Sauve11-600x600 Christopher-Lee-Sauve09-600x600 Christopher-Lee-Sauve06-600x600 Christopher-Lee-Sauve05-600x600 Christopher-Lee-Sauve03-600x600 Christopher-Lee-Sauve15-600x600Christopher-Lee-Sauve18-600x600see all the illustrations here