Did you ever read the book “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez? This collection by Tata Christiane is inspired by this book and also by the expression Magical realism, created by German art critic Franz Roh in 1925, expressing a genre of fiction, in which magical elements blend into the reality, to create another reality.

This collection will turn around mocked mood, mixture of fabrics and motivs. Feathers and froufrou. Fantastic and marvellous. And Humour.

Tata Christiane is a fashion and costume label founded in 2007 by Julie Bourgeois and Hanrigabriel and one of the new big star labels of the German fashion world. Tata Christiane creates collections that realise fantasy. What is brought to the stage is brought to life in a wearable, extravagant fashion.

Fashion is for me a crossing of the various arts and ways of expression in a playful dynamic of life.

images via Tata Christiane’s website (read a nice interview with her and Kaltblut here and more about the label at NOT JUST A LABEL here)