Why we still learn more about our past then about our future?

We know the past, we lived it or somebody else lived it for us and we know what happened, that’s the fact.

The problem is the future. How can we learn into the future? Schools teach us how to learn from the past for the future and that is good, but hasn’t it changed too much and fast lately to only rely on the old past or even on the older past? It is missing a big step forward in education and the good new is that change is on its way.


A new education system is on its way,

maximum amount of learning on minimum cost,

academic stars hired to bring the concept to live,

seminars on online platform,

living dorms in San Francisco, the Mekka of start ups

moving to Berlin, Buenos Aires, Hongkong and London for the other years.

international students

and, they teach the students how to think.

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