I always love to watch Graduate collections, they are so original and pure. The new designers are still allowed to play, to create what they like and bring out their personality without thinking about selling and being able to live out of it.

I fell in love with one of Georgina Santiago‘s piece from her Graduate collection. I’m talking about this cute and crazy neck piece. I think if I would own it I would squeeze it continuosly and press my face inside this little bubbles…It’s soooooo human and so bubbly….

The whole collection is inspired by the human body, the chosen fabrics imitate the human skin, veins, blood vessels…clothing created out of the nude body…

…and here we have it one more time…”the neck piece”. It might look good also as a hat.

“I like to work between my own alegal rules.”

Georgina Santiago, young designer from Barcelona, Spain.

 images via here and here