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Penelope and Coco is a Los Angeles based women’s contemporary footwear brand, founded in 2010 by designer Marisa Spinella and publicist Arielle Vavasseur. And here we go with the frustrated question: How to find the perfect pair of shoes? Of course, you make them by yourself. And that’s what the two of them did…

For this season, OXFORDS ONLY with a beautiful  lookbook reduced color-key apparance

Penelope is a dainty, classic, vintage lover. She discovers the beauty in odd belongings, applies red lipstick without a pause and is guided by the old hollywood glamour of miss Rita Hayworth.
Coco is bold, complicated and risqué. Her sexual energy and eccentric mystique has all eyes on her, regardless of location. A woman with no strings attached, Coco connects the two personalities by blending her animated emotions with the delicacy and alluring manner of Miss Penelope.

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