Each outfit in this series is crafted from paper by students in Estonia and they all represent a different month. The group of Estonian Academy of Arts students were limited to using paper from a single company with a free reign of colors and forms. The students had two weeks for research and then two weeks to test and execute real costumes. This photo set styled by Marit Ilison was used to create a calendar for the paper brand Antalis.

The best 12 outfits from 24 participants were selected and proposed to Antalis. Later they decided which photo would portray which month. (images via here)

My favorite? April, May and November.

January by Leelo-Mai Aunbaum


February by Triin Uibodezeen_12-Shapes-of-Paper-by-Estonian-Academy-of-Arts-students_2March by Eelin Lepikdezeen_12-Shapes-of-Paper-by-Estonian-Academy-of-Arts-students_3 April by Kerti Pahkdezeen_12-Shapes-of-Paper-by-Estonian-Academy-of-Arts-students_4 May by Maria Kahnwailerdezeen_12-Shapes-of-Paper-by-Estonian-Academy-of-Arts-students_5 June by Marion Piirmetsdezeen_12-Shapes-of-Paper-by-Estonian-Academy-of-Arts-students_6 July by Birgitta Silbergdezeen_12-Shapes-of-Paper-by-Estonian-Academy-of-Arts-students_7 August by Karl Keskladezeen_12-Shapes-of-Paper-by-Estonian-Academy-of-Arts-students_8 September by Anna Baboshinadezeen_12-Shapes-of-Paper-by-Estonian-Academy-of-Arts-students_9 October by Jelena Rumyantsevadezeen_12-Shapes-of-Paper-by-Estonian-Academy-of-Arts-students_10 November by Kati Stimmerdezeen_12-Shapes-of-Paper-by-Estonian-Academy-of-Arts-students_11  December by Janar Juhkov