Just yesterday I was writing about the “at the moment trending 50’s“, the years after the war when things started to change. People became more open, experimented with the life and found a new way to make it more interesting. They started traveling…the television came…Sputnik was launched by the Soviets and artists started using advertisements and propaganda to exhibit their art work.

Pin-up girls became a hit. Photographs of models and stars who were considered sex symbols were reproduced in mass and postered all around (“pinned up”).

Not so different are the times now. We pin on Pinterest, are on the way to discover a new kind of music, different movements are emerging and yes, fashion moves towards the style of the 50’s. High waists (shorts are getting soooo short and soooo high), the comeback of the swimming suit, turbans and foulards in the hair, bra tops and a very liberal and open minded way of fashion thinking is here.

I found a very nice photographer a few days ago. She is Portuguese and her name is Ana Dias.

Her art is very much influenced by the Pop culture and brings us back the light eroticism of the Pin-up girls (and boys) in the 50’s but the art she creates transcends the photographic image.

images via here … Greetings to Portugal and Ana Dias…:)