It sounds like my dream… Build a buiding here, create a shoe there, exibit in MoMA and teach in the university, live in different cities,

“and give rise to uproar and controversy because of the innovative character and non-conventionalist spirit…” (via

In New York living, Gaetano Pesce, Italian, born 1937 is the realizer of that dream.                I’m talking about him today because I want to show you this shoes that he designed for MELISSA.  I’m talking about 2010 now, but I have a surprise…they are still around…on sale… in different colors (view the links below)

And…you can customize them as you want…cut them…as you can see in the video and you gonna be cool, and you gonna be trendy and you gonna be walking on plastic…as everybody else this summer…because plastic will be bombastic….

to purchase the booties go here or here