Usually I write about new upcoming designers but sometimes I can not let pass by certain things. She is one of my favorite artist, Yayoi Kusama. (wikipedia) The 83 year old Japanese Kusama went into a collaboration with the french fashion house Louis Vuitton and decorated with her very personal style all the collection with her beloved dots.

The new capsule collection contains shoes, bags, accessories and apparel for the summer 2012 launched 2 days ago, July 10th. This is not Kusama’s first move into fashion. In the 60’s when she lived in New York she established her own label, “Kusama Fashion company”, creating crazy outfits and hanging out with Andy Warhol.

images via here and here     (Angelo Pennetta – Photographer, Katie Grand – Fashion Editor/Stylist, Anais Pouliot – Model)

This is a great picture, this dress is made for this girl…via Trendland