Today I’m walking away from the highway of all over prints and take a little side road meeting a new Italian t-shirt label called RED DOG TEE. Their concept is to point on a high quality basic t-shirt and put all the attention to “THE POCKET”.

15 different prints decorate the pockets going from native to floral over to animals and ending up in our beloved cartoon world…

Red Dog is the brainchild of Gianmarco in collaboration with Giampiero famous salesman in the clothing world and Simone, producer of northern Italy. The project is to create a line of t-shirts that wants to leave behind the classic all-over stamp focusing on the pocket. 

My favorite? The white one with the parrots…and yours?  Here some looks…a great thing of these t-shirts is that you can easily style them…

And who is behind allllllllllllllllllllllll this…? THE RED DOG of course

and this is the place of origin…VIRGINIA CITY Nevada!

images via here