There are many things in these images which i find really cool. Starting from the designer, Ana Ljubinkovic, a Serbian fashion designer, who’s attention goes on the details. Playing with trending pastel colors she kidnaps the watchers into a wonderland. She creates full looks, from the top to the bottom, with shoes which can walk you through an imaginary pastel forest. I love the way the images where created, great illustrations, beautiful backgrounds and combination…from unreal to surreal to real…

These following images where shot for FAAR magazine issue may 2012: All clothes & shoes: Ana Ljubinkovic; Photo: Milos Nadazdin; Illustrations by Becha; Model Ivana Momirov; Hair Olivera Milicevic for O`LIVIO; Makeup Nena Ilic.

Did you see the shoes at the end on the last image…NO ?…see them better here…amazingggggg….BE GOOD OTHERWISE I’M GONNA KICK YOU 🙂

View her cute lookbook here, funny GIF’s created by her I found here and for more visit here website here and follow her on facebookkkkkkkkk…..