MULBERRY‘s fashion film, the beautiful short movie “SKIRT” directed by Amanda Boyle and written by Mike Lesslie won the VIMEO AWARDS 2012. It is not a usual advertisement film where the product is promoted, but a beautiful story were items and objects are getting artistically alive and become part of our style.

There is an interview with Amanda Boyle with Dazed Digital here, this is one of the questions:

DAZED DIGITAL: Where did the story and inspiration for ‘Skirt’ come from?
Amanda Boyle: It came from brainstorming about what style meant. For writer Mike Lesslie and I, it was the aesthetic choices we make to express who we are, the way we interact those choices and how that affects the people around us. We imagined how style might be explored within a relationship, which became the story of two people having to share a flat and how their personal possessions might become a way for them to baffle, fight, flirt and maybe fall in love.

And this is the movie: SKIRT