11…that’s my favorite number since I remember.

Plenty of naked girls were layed out to create this letter typography. The artist, Arjan Benning, photographer from Amsterdam, Netherlands is known for his images where he seeks the border where authenticity and amazement are close together. Amazing and authentic of course is also the result. (by the way, if you click here you might find some numbered boys as well)



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How many kinds of different ways exist to tell a story? I can come up with an amazing high number because there is no limit in phantasy and stories come to us in different forms and ways.

To leave you in the creative mood here is a very delicate and fragile one, a “sewed story”. The creator of these stories Merel Boers has her studio in Amsterdam and since 2007 she works under the name MISS BLACKBIRDY in the world fashion center creating stories and illustrations with pen and needle.

From studio Miss Blackbirdy an idyllic, magnificent world originates; a world where black and white flowers, animals and imaginative figures exist.

Miss Blackbirdy’s work has decorated several magazines covers, museums were interested to show her work and collaboration with other labels are a daily way to tell a story through a new illustration.

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