reminiscence 4Colorful woven Brasilian bracelets combined with turquoise stones and hammered metal mix with the graphic impact of rows of chains “embroidered” with satin strings. And the showiness of Swarovski crystals with a thousand glints…

A must to wear for this rainy unfriendly summer 2013. Let the color bring the sunshine back in our lives. REMINISCENCE – TRIBAL EGO s/s 2013

reminiscence 1

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Ready to wear…from the jumpsuit to the jacket…the shirt to the bikini…shoes…everything imaginable wearable was made by Camilla Franks for her catwalk show at the MB Fashion week in Sydney for s/s 12-13.

Her collection “GIPSET” (gypsy + jet set) travels with us around the globe collecting gypsy like women’s, showing us their traditions and their colorful lightness and freedom…it is about women’s loving the life of adventure.

It is a journey around the world. About people who love their own life style that is quite different to others.

Teenagers, pregnant women, models and older ladies are wearing Camilla Franks garments because they are made for any age and size and exactly that and her great choice of colors gives her label to be so recognized and loved by women all around the world.

“Travel is my muse” Camilla Franks

all images are shot by Kelly Defina for (click on the link to watch all the images of the fashion show…they are beautiful)