Who has the cheesiest smelly trainers? The sports labels of course. Extra smell added by the two creators Bristol artists, Chris Wright and Richie Moment, aka the Williams Sisters

Here is the selection of my favorite most smelly cheesy brands. (see more images here)

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Liselotte Watkins is an illustrator, stylist and set designer, based in Milan. She was born in Sweden and studied in Dallas (USA). In 2008 MIU MIU chose her illustrations for their s/s collection, using her illustrations as patterns on different dresses.

In the following video Liselotte speaks a little about her life and her collaboration with Oriflame

The following video was made recently for H&M. “THE CHANGELING” The girl sits still at her table, wonderful outfits and new hairstyles change her appearance. Even at home she can be anyone she wants to be.
Illustrations: Liselotte Watkins
Animation and Editing: Alexander Dahl and Henrik Svensson

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