My object of the month: Louise Hibbert and her beautiful bug inspired pendants.

The bodies are made from sycamore – turned and carved or pyrographed before being airbrushed with acrylic inks. The dotted ones are textured with acrylic resin. The copper is often textured with a subtle hammered pattern and heat treated to achieve the rich dappled colours. Some also have reclaimed 18ct gold eyes.

You can order the pendants hereĀ 

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Nature, the biggest inspiration of all time. Artists, designers and creators have always been guided from mother earth.

This time I’m in Berlin, Germany with a jewelry designer who takes apart natural things as fruit wood sticks and deer horns and reconstruct them to a complete new form into a jewelry. Silke Spitzer creates exciting new design reference to nature.

images via here and online available hereĀ