reno_mezger__color_me_blind__goldschmiede_zeitung__gz_plus__jewelry_magazine__04No school, not born with the camera on his lap, no history  of artistic ancestors….and no degree. That’s “more or less” how Reno Mezger, German photographer from Hamburg and chocolate chips, m&m’s, smarties, ritter sport alpenmilch loving person describes himself.

Its difficult to choose from the images on his website. Because of the colors, the beautiful hair styles (by Peggy Kurka (Bigoudi), the model Leanne Eshuis (Select London, Micha Models Amsterdam) I choose this serie. Wonderful images created for GZ Plus (Goldschmiede Zeitung – Schmuckmagazin).

reno_mezger__color_me_blind__goldschmiede_zeitung__gz_plus__jewelry_magazine__01 reno_mezger__color_me_blind__goldschmiede_zeitung__gz_plus__jewelry_magazine__02 (1) reno_mezger__color_me_blind__goldschmiede_zeitung__gz_plus__jewelry_magazine__03 (1) reno_mezger__color_me_blind__goldschmiede_zeitung__gz_plus__jewelry_magazine__05 (1) reno_mezger__color_me_blind__goldschmiede_zeitung__gz_plus__jewelry_magazine__06 (1)


0df24bada0810e6ebf0fee25b37a7731HOKO, Index ring, ring, stainless steel, gold plated – the jewellery in use – In Chinese history high ranked ladies wore elaborated finger jewellery to protect their long nails. In the digital era the fingertip of the index finger has become increasingly important for touching, swiping and clicking screens. The Index Ring is designed to beautify and protect your precious finger when not being used. – (Text by Robin Ayres)


images via here


I’ve always been a big fan of tattoos, they decorate since centuries our bodies and they will always do. A tattoo is something very personal and it tells a story about the one which is carrying it and I love seeing specially elderly people with their fainted tattoos. They seem like proud owners of a painted travelling story.

Jewelry artist Noemi Klein and East London tattooist Liam Sparks made this very impressive collaboration, where the jewelry integrates in the big story painted on the body.

Body decorations: jewelry and tattoos. One you can remove, the other one stays forever.

And at the end Noemi and Liam almost have the same job, they both decorate skin.

images via https://noemiklein.com