Each year, according to a Convention Industry Council study, there are 1.8 million conventions, conferences, and trade shows in the United States. Photographer Arthur Drooker is selecting very carefully the once he is attempting. Not to participate, but to shoot some great images of unique expressions of community, culture and connection. His portfolio goes from conventions of furries, santas, clowns, over to ventriloquists to bronies (and many more). The one I like best is the convention of the Merfolk, called Merfest. Images and main information via COOL HUNTING.ConventionalWisdom-Mermaids-01ConventionalWisdom-Mermaids-02 CW-MerFolk-Drooker


It is the year of the mermaids, we have seen girls in pastel hair going from light pink over blue to purple. Photographers keep shooting their girls on rocks in shimmering outfits, half legs in the water…

The following images, photographed by Ilse Moore are bringing us this time under water. The romantic mermaid (model Elsa Bleda) dances under water in beautiful dresses designed by Esin Ünlü, Feline Blush.

Who she is

Her charm will take you away from your own truth 
her alluring energy may not alter reality 
but surely will change your perspective of it 

She belongs neither in the past nor in the future 
Her passion fuels her ability to create a world of make believe 
an adventure story 
a cosmic dream.. 
In our era of reassured cynicism
true love does exist 
and she is alive as long as she believes (via FELINE BLUSH)

Through Wonderland Couture, Feline Blush declares her undying love for the illusory.
She rises above and dives deep into the fluid texture of the turquoise waters,
as she contemplates her world anew, with each frame.

images via here


Mermaids out of the water…we see many lately…

MOTHER DENIM…This jeans are absolutely, hilariously…perfect…(love the smile)…

ANTIK BATIK…jakara mini dress…Indian mermaid…

a mix of jewelry…sunglasses by QUAY…

CHELSEA FLOWER – button down racer maxi dress

embroidered cascade dress…TWELFTHE STREET BY CYNTHIA VINCENT…

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