Graduate collections are always very unique and I believe most of the time the most beautiful collections designers ever do.

There is no money and selling aspect involved yet, only creativity of the personal mind.

Jessica Leclere graduated recently from the Chelsea College, London, UK and reading her interview with Composition two this would be definitely also her goal: working for creativity, not for the money.

Her graduate collection speaks about nature, the aesthetic of Nordic coastlines. Things we find on deserted beaches, drifted wood and washed up ropes, natural colors collected to one main inspiration.

All the pieces are handmade, from dying the yarn, to knitting, cutting and linking all the pieces together. (amazing work) 

Photography: Rory Van Millingen
Model: Marloes (M+P Models)
Make-up artist: Jodie Alsaiegh

(see more images at the following links) images via here and here


Since Trendland put up the beautiful illustrations of Spanish 22 years old, Ignasi Monreal for V Magazine Spain F/W 2012 Haute Couture Collections I was planning to copy this fantastic image on my blog. 

There are so many things I love in this illustration, starting from the frame. It start to be a trend lately to use flower image frames for illustrations and photographs and I love the different ways how one can play with it. The tulip heads are so human, I can see the curious expression in the faces of the girls by the way the flowers were positioned and the bodies were leaned on the sides. Absolutely amazing the colors and garments…it looks so real.

image via Trendland


In love with nature…Mario Salvucci shows us spiders and other insects as incredible creatures…and Girls who are not afraid of are wearing them…

“Incredible creatures”, every piece is original and fragile like Nature. Look around and observe nature.

Jewelry for all the ages…because nature doesn’t have any age limit…

images via here, here and here.

Mario’s creations are on sale here


Nature, the biggest inspiration of all time. Artists, designers and creators have always been guided from mother earth.

This time I’m in Berlin, Germany with a jewelry designer who takes apart natural things as fruit wood sticks and deer horns and reconstruct them to a complete new form into a jewelry. Silke Spitzer creates exciting new design reference to nature.

images via here and online available here