Fashion with technology…mysterious side of nature..highly ornate style..and art…             that’s how i can describe the shoes of Anastasia Radevich.

Anastasia is a young Canadian footwear designer of Belarusian origin. She lives and works on both continents and designs shoes for the new generation. Her shoes are designed for strong and self-confident women, travelling from science fiction back to the 21th Century.

Here are the once I like the most:

These ones they have a small light which you can switch on and off

And at the end some floffy pink easter bunnies. (if you click on them it brings you to the link where actually you can purchase them)

images taken via https://www.anastasiaradevich.com  (check out for more there)


Yesterday I promised that there will be a part 2 of the article FEMALE STRENGTH and here it is. I am still talking about Anne Sofie Madsen, the young Danish designer who is amazing us with her extraordinary collections.

When I stumbled upon her and started reading and watching images about  the collection and her illustrations, I realized that I need to write at least 2 posts about her. She is too unique and pure in both of the things she is doing and I wanted to put this time all the attention on her illustrations … because they are absolutely stunning.

I love everything in this images, from the type of girls she choose, these Nordic faces with their slim bodies, big eyes and white skins. They are fragile and mystic but on the other hand they have strong and cool expressions. Their faces are followed by not united body parts made out of skeletons, animals and phantasmagoric  creatures or dressed by her own designer creations.

ENJOY  and continue reading about her below !!!!

Born and raised in Denmark, Anne Sofie Madsen studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design. 
Anne Sofie Madsen trained under John Galliano for Dior in Paris and worked for acclaimed trend forecasters Peclers, before moving to London to work for Alexander McQueen as Junior Designer.
With an impressive resume Anne Sofie Madsen debuted with her couture-inspired collection during London Fashion Week in 2010, announced by the Vauxhall Fashion Scout as a new rising talent.
Anne Sofie Madsen launched her eponymous label followed by the debut of her SS12 capsule collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week in August 2011 which was described by American Vogue as being;
“(…) an impressive runway debut for a designer whose work experiences chez Galliano and McQueen have clearly paid dividends.”
– Hamish Bowles, American Vogue


I do not claim to own any of these images and give appropriate credit to their sole owner. Images taken via https://www.annesofiemadsen.com