Yazbukey: “I’ve always had a fantasy about the California life, and this collection is about different people meeting in a motel in California in the 1960s. It’s called Tropical Heat Wave, for Marilyn Monroe’s song, because I think there is a little Marilyn in each one of us. She’s not perfect, but I think she was one of the most beautiful women in the world and she was very clever.”

Plexiglas jewelry for the wall “pink dreams motel” for your room…

Yaz and Emel Kurhan, the two sisters behind the jewelry label YAZBUKEY are predicting a  heat wave for s/s 2013. Another label who puts the Californian lifestyle world of the 60’s pin-up girls in attention of the upcoming s/s collection…foulard, belts, bracelets, quirky eye cat sunglasses… girl style….

thermometer earrings and necklaces….and plenty of bags….

and a fan to hopefully cool you down…

photography by Tania et Vincent (images via there)


The color for next summer…IT’S SO BLUE…and the new name “swimming pool blue”…sounds like good life…

Holly Fulton got it as well, the BLUE. The inspiration for her new s/s 2013 RTW collection came from a trip to LA, where she was for the first time earlier this year: “I was really struck by the saccharine optimism that permeates the place.”

The American Dream, it is back…! The pin-up girl, swimming pools…pink flamingos, lemon yellows and Sunset Boulevard, Instagram light and a skater girl.

The 60’s skater girl superstar Patti McGee was her muse (first professional female skateboarder in history). A blue-eyed blonde with a dream, fearless to compete against the boys, her bouffant of peroxide hair and a squeaky-clean sex appeal, the starting point for the whole collection.

And here they are, my favorite pieces from the new Holly Fulton collection for s/s 2013.

images via and here


Sailors, anchors,  pin-up girls, sailing boats, skulls, roses and crosses, mermaids and more used to be the old school of tattoos. Christian Audiger brought them back on fabric (Ed Hardy) a few years ago and Ellen Greene paints them on vintage gloves. 

Inspiration and work of a redhead artist obsessed with art,tattoos, vintage gloves, freaks, vintage carni strippers, belly dancers and other miscellaneous quirky ephemera..(her words)

Ellen Greene’s work explores the contrast between two opposing traditions; white gloves have long been known as an article of women’s clothing, while the art of tattooing has been regarded as traditionally male pursuit. White gloves evoke a sense of purity and of formality, while the art of tattooing may suggest carnal sexuality and rebellion. The tension between the two helps define Greene’s personal aesthetic, as well as her original tattoo-inspired designs which adorn these vintage gloves.

images via here


Tucker: vibrant floral, unique, optimistic, inspiring…the silks are luxurious but not precious; the pieces are agile yet bold; the look is never contrived but always carefully considered. A brand by Gaby Basora based in New York City and after 7 years she still produces in the same factory that sewed the first order.

I’m in love with the little sailor hats. It brings the girls in the 50’s where their boyfriends were sailors and the girls get pinned up on the walls (see my post about the pinup girl trend)

Everything started with a blouse and look now…FROM HEAD TO TOE…colors all around…s/s 2012 collection…

Each print gets a name which tells a story: ‘My Own Lovestory’ or ‘Underwater Spring Storm’

images via here buy the collection here


Just yesterday I was writing about the “at the moment trending 50’s“, the years after the war when things started to change. People became more open, experimented with the life and found a new way to make it more interesting. They started traveling…the television came…Sputnik was launched by the Soviets and artists started using advertisements and propaganda to exhibit their art work.

Pin-up girls became a hit. Photographs of models and stars who were considered sex symbols were reproduced in mass and postered all around (“pinned up”).

Not so different are the times now. We pin on Pinterest, are on the way to discover a new kind of music, different movements are emerging and yes, fashion moves towards the style of the 50’s. High waists (shorts are getting soooo short and soooo high), the comeback of the swimming suit, turbans and foulards in the hair, bra tops and a very liberal and open minded way of fashion thinking is here.

I found a very nice photographer a few days ago. She is Portuguese and her name is Ana Dias.

Her art is very much influenced by the Pop culture and brings us back the light eroticism of the Pin-up girls (and boys) in the 50’s but the art she creates transcends the photographic image.

images via here … Greetings to Portugal and Ana Dias…:)