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Midnight Cat.WPYanis the cat


That getting a tattoo is still one of the most original ways to decorating ourself, everybody is aware, I think, and that with a pencil and paper you can create beautiful tattoos as well.

What is so fascinating about the following tattoo art works is that the tattoo’s have not been placed on the real human bodies but on magazine, newspaper, cards and poster images. The artist Ramon Maiden a “Wanderlust king, art maniac and custom & vintage addict” lives his live between Barcelona and NYC leaving his tattoo traces behind him wherever he passes.

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Sailors, anchors,  pin-up girls, sailing boats, skulls, roses and crosses, mermaids and more used to be the old school of tattoos. Christian Audiger brought them back on fabric (Ed Hardy) a few years ago and Ellen Greene paints them on vintage gloves. 

Inspiration and work of a redhead artist obsessed with art,tattoos, vintage gloves, freaks, vintage carni strippers, belly dancers and other miscellaneous quirky ephemera..(her words)

Ellen Greene’s work explores the contrast between two opposing traditions; white gloves have long been known as an article of women’s clothing, while the art of tattooing has been regarded as traditionally male pursuit. White gloves evoke a sense of purity and of formality, while the art of tattooing may suggest carnal sexuality and rebellion. The tension between the two helps define Greene’s personal aesthetic, as well as her original tattoo-inspired designs which adorn these vintage gloves.

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Did you ever think about getting a moustache ? Nowadays not only men can get one…but also girls can decorate themselves with a hairy element. Choose where you would like to have it…

On your shoes?????

around your neck ?????

in your face ???

hanging on a chain  ????

You can have a milky one from the morning ….

Think about it for a while !!!!

You will look much smarter !!!!

So, did you decide? I think they look great…you can also paint one on your finger…or get a tatoo…

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