LEMON SQUEEZY is one of the products created by Lili Gabbiano.

It is a fantastic lemon syrup, hand made from the organic juicy lemons of Corfu Island, Greece.

A refreshing soft drink for the hot summer days or mixed with the Greek local spirits for a more entertaining, alcoholic experience.

Different Ways of preparation:

soft drink or alcoholic drink

Soft drink mix:

Mix 1/8 lemon squeezy and 7/8 water in a glass, add some ice and drink.
(if you want it more sweet, add more syrup, if you want to have it less sweet, add less syrup)

fizzy soft drink mix:

add soda or fizzy mineral water instead of the water, same measurements as above.

KERKYREAN SPACE BALL (alcoholic drink)

MIX 1/8 LEMON squeezy, 1/8 TSIPURO OR RAKI, 6/8 WATER AND some ICE (add more Tsipuro or raki if you want it more strong)

OUZO LEMONADA (alcoholic drink)

MIX 1/8 LEMON SQUEEZY, 1/8 OUZO, 6/8 SODA OR MINERAL WATER AND some ICE (add more ouzo if you want it more strong)

garnish all with a slice of lemon.