Aroha Silhouette, didn’t I write about it a few days ago? If you are a reader of my blog you might have seen the post about the “MOLECULAR ADDICTION collection.

What I am going to show you now is the collaboration between Lisa Shahno and Aroha Silhouettes . For 6 month both of them where playing a game together, named the Polyomino Game.


  • Only combinations of squares can be used (30 x 30 cm for Lisa Shahno and 1 x 1 cm for Aroha Silhouettes)
  • Each designer will create seven unique pieces for the final collection
  • The colour palette to be used includes black, white, grey and violet
  • Final designs must be completed and ready by September 2012
And here is the result:

Polyomino Logo: The Local Genius
Photographer: Anastasia Markelova
Model: NNEKA
Makeup: Alina Asriyants
Clothing Designs: Lisa Shahno
Jewellery and Accessory Designs: Aroha Silhouettes