pineapple-haircut-lost-bet-hansel-qiu-12And here comes the daily dose of “Freedom of hair”, today with Hansel Qui, a 20 year old who lost a bet with his friend. The winner could do whatever he wanted to the other person’s hair. Fortunately she is artistically talented and transformed Hansel into a walking pineapple. Besides the cool hair cut I love the lookbook they created. (images via bored panda)pineapple-haircut-lost-bet-hansel-qiu-1 pineapple-haircut-lost-bet-hansel-qiu-2 pineapple-haircut-lost-bet-hansel-qiu-5 pineapple-haircut-lost-bet-hansel-qiu-6 pineapple-haircut-lost-bet-hansel-qiu-7 pineapple-haircut-lost-bet-hansel-qiu-9 pineapple-haircut-lost-bet-hansel-qiu-11 pineapple-haircut-lost-bet-hansel-qiu-13 pineapple-haircut-lost-bet-hansel-qiu-10